Detective Services

For any investigation, we require minimal information, such as name, email, cell phone and a confidentiality contract:

Personal investigations - family

Pre-marital, infidelities, virtual relationships, long distance relationships, dishonorable behavior, questionable behaviors: (addictions, drugs, gambling, alcoholism, cults), abandonment of home, disloyalty of partner and family, monitoring and surveillance to determine activities (behavior ) of the couple, children or relatives, Evidence in photographs, and HD videos..

Business investigations

Pre-labor reports, absenteeism, control of commercials, transporters and merchandise, special surveillance in Large Stores, Hotels, Fairs, Exhibitions, Events (Not uniformed), fraud (fraudulent behavior).

Financial investigations

Business, financial and solvency reports. Uplift of goods. Property, Mercantile and Index Registries. Vehicles.

Industrial espionage

Unfair competition. Information Leaks. Systematized and continuous theft detection. Copy and plagiarism of products.

Expertise; Dactyloscopy, Graphology

Expertise, Dactyloscopic; Fingerprint lifting, after a criminal act, theft or manipulation of elements. Verification of traces found and with those of the personnel present. Expertise, Graphological; Documentology. Analysis of written documents, signatures. Verification if they are real or fake.

Insurance companies

Accident simulation and sequelae control. Feigned injuries. Tracking the injured and locating witnesses. Fraud Investigation. Among other services.

Labor investigation - Monitoring and control of personnel

Calificación, verificación y evaluación de empleados para ubicar las debilidades de una empresa, en cuanto a fuga de información. Servicio de Infiltraciones de nuestros Personal (Infiltrarse como trabajador). Competencias desleales. Qualification, verification and evaluation of employees to locate the weaknesses of a company, in terms of information leakage. Infiltration Service of our Staff (Infiltrate as a worker). Unfair competition.

Search for People

We are looking for people who change their address or phone to avoid responsibilities. Search for relatives, friends or boyfriends remotely.


Private Investigations of:

Long distance boyfriend, Fraud, Family Investigations, Virtual Relationships, Personal Investigations, Infidelities, Labor Investigations, Child custody, Unfair behavior, Surveillance and Monitoring, Employee Investigation, Business Research, Financial reports, Property Report, Vehicle Registration, Investigation of Inheritance and Heirs, Search for Documents, Verification of Documents, Insurance companies, Feigned Injuries, Accident Simulation, False Pregnancy Investigation, Fake Documents, People Search, Property Search.

asociacion de detectives del peru

asociacion de detectives del peru