About us

Research Agency with more than 30 years of experience, spanning two generations. We have provided an efficient, confidential and personalized service to all our clients, complying with all the legal provisions required for the performance of our work.


The information provided is treated confidentially, then a consultation process begins with various sources of information, which intends to expand the data of the investigation. Finally, a report will be delivered with the results obtained from the surveillance.

Investigation Territory

Our legal offices are located in Lima, however we have detectives in each area of Peru, who at the same time can travel to each city or town according to the circumstances. For us there are no small or large cases, all cases are treated with the same professionalism.

At SIPP Peruvian detectives, we work with absolute reserve and we have Detectives with extensive experience.

Conducts Investigations on infidelity, questionable conduct, dishonorable conduct, infidelities, premarital reports, personalized follow-ups, personal cases, virtual relationships..

Society of Private Investigators and Detectives of Per – SIPP

SIPP is a Private Investigation Agency that has a long professional history. Our agency is made up of a team of highly experienced professional detectives who use a refined and demanding methodology of investigation, monitoring and surveillance.

We offer immediate coverage both nationally and internationally. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Tell us your case with full confidence. Our team will contact you immediately to find the solution that allows you to clear up your suspicions. Absolute reserve and confidentiality.

We deliver as evidence, as evidence, Full HD videos and photos. It should be noted that we use high-tech equipment, hidden cameras, covert cameras.

We carry out investigation, surveillance and monitoring operations nationwide, we travel to the provinces and serve 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We have Private Detectives with extensive experience and highly qualified.

Our services

Personal investigations - family Pre-marital. Infidelities. Virtual relationships, long distance relationships. Dishonorable conduct is demonstrated, the evidence obtained (photos and videos) will be valid as long as they are obtained on public roads or places of public access. Doubtful behaviors: (addictions, drugs, gambling, alcoholism, sects). Leaving home. Custody of minors and control of children's activities: (habits, friends). Disloyalty of Couple and Family. Follow-ups and Surveillance to determine the activities (behavior) of the couple, children or relatives. Evidence in photographs, and videos in HD.

Business investigations

Pre-employment reports. Work Absenteeism. Control of commercial, transporters and merchandise. Special surveillance in large stores, hotels, fairs, exhibitions, events (not uniformed). Fraud (Fraudulent Conduct).

Financial investigations

Business, financial and solvency reports. Uplift of goods. Property, Mercantile and Index Registries. Vehicles.

Industrial espionage

Unfair competition. Information Leaks. Systematized and continuous theft detection. Copy and plagiarism of products.

Expertise; Dactyloscopy, Graphology

Expertise, Dactyloscopic; Fingerprint lifting, after a criminal act, theft or manipulation of elements. Verification of traces found and with those of the personnel present. Expertise, Graphological; Documentology. Analysis of written documents, signatures. Verification if they are real or fake.

Insurance companies

Accident simulation and sequelae control. Feigned injuries. Tracking the injured and locating witnesses. Fraud Investigation. Among other services


Private Investigations of:

Long distance boyfriend, Fraud, Family Investigations, Virtual Relationships, Personal Investigations, Infidelities, Labor Investigations, Child custody, Unfair behavior, Surveillance and Monitoring, Employee Investigation, Business Research, Financial reports, Property Report, Vehicle Registration, Investigation of Inheritance and Heirs, Search for Documents, Verification of Documents, Insurance companies, Feigned Injuries, Accident Simulation, False Pregnancy Investigation, Fake Documents, People Search, Property Search.

asociacion de detectives del peru

asociacion de detectives del peru

We conduct private investigations in: Amazonas - Ancash - Apurimac - Arequipa - Ayacucho - Cajamarca - Callao - Cusco - Huancavelica - Huanuco - Ica - Junin - La Libertad - Lambayeque - Lima - Loreto - Madre De Dios - Moquegua - Pasco - Piura - Puno - San Martin - Tacna - Tumbes - Ucayali.